AC drives.

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In ac drives, the rectifier output is inverted to produce a variable-frequency ac voltage for the motor. Inverters are classified as voltage source inverters (VSIs) or current source inverters (CSIs). A VSI requires a constant dc (i.e., low-ripple) voltage input to the inverter stage. This is achieved with a capacitor or LC filter in the dc link. The CSI requires a constant current input; hence, a series inductor is placed in the dc link.

AC drives generally use standard squirrel cage induction motors. These motors are rugged, relatively low in cost, and require little maintenance. Synchronous motors are used where recise speed control is critical. A popular ac drive configuration uses a VSI employing PWM techniques
to synthesize an ac waveform as a train of variable-width dc pulses . The inverter uses either SCRs, gate turnoff (GTO) thyristors, or power transistors for this purpose. Currently, the VSI PWM drive offers the best energy efficiency for applications over a wide speed range for drives up through at least 500 hp. Another advantage of PWM drives is that, unlike other types of drives, it is not necessary to vary rectifier output voltage to control motor speed. This allows the rectifier thyristors to be replaced with diodes, and the thyristor control circuitry to be liminated.
Very high power drives employ SCRs and inverters. These may be 6- pulse, as shown in Fig. or like large dc drives, 12-pulse. VSI drives are limited to applications that do not require rapid
changes in speed. CSI drives have good acceleration/deceleration characteristics but require a motor with a leading power factor (synchronous or induction with capacitors) or added control circuitry to commutate the inverter thyristors. In either case, the CSI drive must be designed for use with a specific motor. Thyristors in current source
inverters must be protected against inductive voltage spikes, which increases the cost of this type of drive.



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